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GNL offers cutting-edge genetic research tools to both academic and commercial customers. We are led by a highly qualified team with extensive experience in creating customized genomic services and analytical solutions.

Genotyping Services

GNL provides a fast, flexible and accurate SNP genotyping service for small, large, standard or customized projects using the latest technologies Sequenom Fulidgm & Illumina technologies. For any successful genotyping projects, it has been always crucial to select appropriate genotyping platforms. For example Number sample to process, number of SNPs to interrogate and the complexity of the chromosomal segments around the SNPs of interest are the few factor to be considers before choosing a genotyping platform. We help researchers determine which of the technologies are more appropriate for their SNP Genotyping Projects.

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Gene Expression Services

Our Gene Expression Services utilize high end technologies to deliver robust and reliable gene expression analysis for a variety of applications. GNL has extensive experience in optimizing gene expression data from many different species, and also from difficult samples. We measure Critical Technical Metrics (CTM) such as: assay specificity, sensitivity, dynamic range and assay efficiency to deliver results that are well characterized, robust and reproducible. We work closely with clients to develop the right solutions that address your research and development needs cost-effectively.

DNA & RNA Extractions

GNL offers a wide range of extraction services. We utilized optimized protocols for extraction of DNA, RNA or miRNA from almost all kinds of biologica samples. GNL follows GLP standard in handling, processing and storage of biological sample.


We also provide GLP standard storage of biological samples..